Information to workgroup 2 Policy of the European Union and Common Position


The policy of the member states of the European Union as well as the common position of the European Union hast to be suppressed.

Impulses for an intensification of the bilateral relationship of the European States towards Cuba. Furthermore, the blockade as well as the negative control and influence of the (neoliberal-conservative) European Union in Cuba have to be diminished and ideally inhibited. The European Union shall clearly or let’s say really oppose itself to the US-blockade.


  1. Establish a survey of the previous activities against the common position of the European Union, respectively for an alternative policy towards Cuba in different countries, individual groups, exchange of experiences, estimation of its effect.

  2. Summary of contacts and            potentials of activities of the solidarity groups in their countries, cooperative partners, fellow travellers, etc. (such as NGOs, Science, political parties, government, parliament, trade unions, churches, media, etc.)

  3. Future strategies and possible activities for individual and national groups especially on a supranational level (EU and Europe). (Circulars all over the EU, manifestations and demonstrations, petitions to governmental institutions; signature campaigns; encouragement to the European Parliament; common day of action of the European Solidarity Movement against EU-policy and activities in front of the EU parliament in Brussels.

  4. Creation of a common platform of cooperation of the European Solidarity Movements (Website, Coordinators, etc.) – or at least a strengthening of the previous collaboration.

  5. Positive: what could sustainable relationships of the EU and the states of the European Union towards Cuba look like and which qualities we’d have to look at (something like ALBA for example).

 Further duties and responsibilities, such as:

  • Implementation of the annual UN-resolution towards the ending of the blockade

  • Close-down and restitution of the Guantanamo base

  • Possibly: Consideration of the idea of a “House of Solidarity of the European peoples with Cuba.”


  1. Welcome and introduction(Edgar Göll)
  2. Statement of the ICAP
  3. Exchange of experiences and statements (i.e. Willy Meyer, Wolfgang Gehrke)
  4. Discussion
  5. Clarification of common, respectively coordinated activities