Greetings from Bulgaria

Dear comrades in Germany, Organizers of the XVI European Encounter of Solidarity with Cuba


Dear Comrade Kenia Serrano, comrades and friends of the Cuban delegation


Dear representatives of the International Committees for the Liberation of the Five Heroes of Cuba


Dear delegates and visitors in this forum of solidarity and friendship with Cuba



In the name of the Friendship Association Bulgaria-Cuba, we would like to welcome you and send you our warmest wishes for a strong and successful meeting.

Today, the representatives of numerous European Countries have come together to express again our solidarity and support for the Cuban people. For us, they represent with theirs history and with their actual and continuous struggle an example of humaneness, international solidarity and consciousness in the defense of human rights.


In this forum we celebrate the successful development of the Cuban Socialist Revolution, the island of freedom. Cuba is known worldwide for its huge progresses in the field of social, scientific and sociological development. We are testimonies of how the Cuban nation has created within the last 50 years a unique picture of the revolutionary citizen as an agent of high moral values, one of it the dedication to ones homeland.


In Europe and in the rest of the world, the friendship associations and solidarity organizations openly express their trust and confidence and their unconditional support for Cuba and its way of social progress, also for its peaceful coexistence and mutual respect between the peoples.  


During the victorious years of the Cuban Revolution, the Cubans have always been facing the crucial blockade imposed by the United States of America and has resisted. This blockade brought the countries lots of difficulties and economic losses. However, you can nowadays hear more and more people in the world sing „Cuba, que linda es Cuba.“ People admire the achievements in favor of the satisfactions of human beings. Cuba is an example for Latin American Countries which decisively take the road of independence and social progress.


We in Bulgaria, that we are friends of Cuba believe, that the XVI Meeting is a continuation of the XV. Meeting of European Solidarity Movement with Cuba, that took place in Sofia in 2010. In those days of May 2010, the delegates of 17 countries have been received with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness by the friends in Bulgaria. The Cuban delegation, led by Kenia Serrano, in which also Aleida Guevara participated as well as Elizabeth Palmeiro, the wife of Ramon Labaniño, could feel the solidarity of the Bulgarian society. Cuban radio stations were suddenly a matter of interest for Bulgarian media. We still remember that meeting with a lot of emotion.

Today, one of the most important subjects of this meeting is the liberation of the Five Heroes: Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labaniño and René Gonzalez. We will keep of insisting to the US-authorities and especially now President Obama, in their liberation and that the truth of the case will reach the public opinion so that theirs innocence is known all over the world.

We will also insist in the cease of the controlled freedom in Miami imposed on René Gonzalez. His wife, Olga Salanueva, and Gerardo Hernandez’ wife shall receive human visa in order to be able to visit their husbands in prison. The Five Anti-Terrorists from Cuba are people with dignity and their heroic fight for justice will be heard all over the world.

Distinguished personalities such as Nobel Prize laureates, scientists, intellectuals and of course ourselves, the representatives of Cuba Solidarity in Europe.


Dear friends of Cuba and representatives of the European Countries in this forum: We believe that the ideas and targets of our meeting will attract more and more territories and persuasions. We believe that our call to the politicians of the world to approach the Cuban reality respectfully will take fruits and we also believe that this way will soon become reality.


Each country which depends on the information it receives about Cuba shall decide individually what kind of relation it wants to have with that country. We insist that there shall not be place for generalizations and no control of the countries under the cloak of „united policy“.


We believe that the media and the most sincere journalists in this world will do more and more to make the truth about Cuba public, as well as Cuba’s role in the world and the solidarity of the Cuban people.


We will be with Cuba and the Cuban people!

We wish the XVI. Meeting of European Solidarity with Cuba a lot of success!

Patria o muerte ! We will conquer!


Stanka Shopopva

President of the Friendship Organization „Bulgaria-Cuba“